Our recommendations for things to do Airlie Beach

If you are a tourist or don’t know much of the area, there are some hidden gems that are genuinely worth the time. Here is a quick list of eateries and some cool areas to explore when you’re on holidays

The places to eat at

Shingley Beach
15 min – 2.5 kms

Cruise east along the Bicentennial Boardwalk to Shingley Beach, Passing Coral Sea Marina. The boardwalk is flat and hugs the coast the entire way allowing for some fantastic photo opportunities.

Sorrento’s Restaurant   
10 min – 1.7km
11.30-10pm 7 days

Laid-back restaurant with a deck overlooking the water, plating upscale, seafood-focused bistro dishes

Enjoy a drink or a meal at Sorrento’s restaurant while overlooking the yachts and Coral Sea Marina. 

Garden Bar ( 15 min – 2.2kmFrom gourmet burgers to locally caught seafood)
Wed/Thurs/Fri – 3-9pm | Sat Sun 12-9pm | Mon Tue closed

Enjoy a light meal or a cheeky drink while overlooking Coral Sea Marina and the Whitsunday Islands

Sailing Club (5 min – 500m)
Opening hours : 10am-10.30pm

Fish D’vine (2 min – 150m)
Fresh local seafood overlooking Airlie Beach foreshore

Enjoy a drink or a meal at the Sailing Club  while overlooking the yachts and the East side of Airlie Beach

Rainbow Bakery Cafe – Shingley Beach

Beacons Beach 5 min – 750m (Excellent beach for a quick dip or photo opportunity)

Fat Frog Cafe (35 min – 3kms – Sun-Fri 7am-2pm / Sat – Sun 7.30am-11.30) 
Enjoy an extensive scenic ride along the entire Airlie Beach and Cannonvale foreshore to the Fat Frog Cafe , passing gorgeous waterfront restaurants, bars and photo opportunities.

Some other ideas of things to do Airlie Beach

Day Trips

Perfect for adventurers short on time or cash, a one day trip around the whitsundays is not to be missed! From speed boats to get you there quicker, to sail boats that let you enjoy the laid back peace of the islands, there are plenty of options to give you just what you want from your trip. Spend time on world famous Whitehaven Beach, home of the purest sand in the world! Snorkel around the Great Barrier Reef. And if you want, spend some time hanging out with stingrays and lemon sharks in the shallow water around Whitsunday Island (but be careful! This isn’t SeaWorld or Discovery Cove 😉 these animals appreciate their own personal space). 

Overnight Trips

For those who have a little more time, take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to live on a boat for a few nights! Single night or multi night options available depending on your time table. The more leisurely (but still action packed!) way to see the Whitsundays, sit back and relax while your professional and friendly crew sail you around the beautiful Whitsunday Islands. Spend time lounging on beautiful beaches, snorkel with hundreds of fish, lie back and enjoy the stars on clear nights. Some trips even have kayaks and stand up paddleboards available! It’s the perfect time to sit back and catch some rays, or to be daring and try some new activities. Trips available for all ages, just depends what you’re looking for! 

Great Barrier Reef

Snorkel or dive on the outer Great Barrier Reef, or snorkel the fringing reef of the Great Barrier Reef around the islands of the Whitsundays, either way you’ll see beautiful fish and corals. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for George – our local monster of a Maori Wrasse, he’s been around for ages and likes to say hi right in your face! Options for beginners and more experienced divers are available, so the whole family can join the fun! 

Skydive Airlie Beach

Who doesn’t love jumping out of a perfectly good plane?? We know we do! And here in the Whitsundays we have one of the best jump sites in the country! Enjoy a beautiful scenic flight over the islands and then up to a full minute of free fall before taking a leisurely parachute ride to the ground. Remember to get a video of the experience, something this epic deserves to be seen again and again!

Jetski Airlie Beach

Ready for an adventure?? Jetskiing around the Whitsundays has you covered. Whether you’re interested in a calm ride close to shore or you want to test your daring jetskiing across the passage to the Daydream and the Molle Islands, Airlie Beach has a trip for you! An awesome chance to see dolphins, fish, turtles, and more, make sure you’re ready for a good time! With tandem and solo options its the perfect time to check your own skill or to try and make your riding partner catch some air! 

Cedar Creek Falls

Looking for an all natural good time?? Cedar Creek Falls is just for you! Found a quick 25 minute drive from Airlie Beach and back in the bush, the waterfall is surrounded by the lovely tropical north Queensland forest you’re here to enjoy. With a game trail along the side to get to the top, and the perfect pool for swimming at the bottom, people of all ages and fitness levels are sure to enjoy their time there. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for freshwater turtles and plenty of guppies! 

Mt Rooper/Coral Beach/Honeyeater Lookout

Want to get ‘lost’ in nature? Check out the Conway Conservation Park for different hikes through our native ‘jungle’. With scenic views over harbours and out to the islands, Conway Park is a hidden gem. Or take a hike out to coral beach and see how many colours you can find. Either way, you’re sure to fill up on beautiful nature and some crazy wildlife. You can also check out the Honeyeater Lookout walking trail, whose trailhead is right outside Airlie Beach. Be ready for beautiful views around the area, but make sure you take plenty of water! It gets hot on those trails 🙂 


Trying to get some exercise on your holiday? Have you tried kayaking or stand up paddle boarding? With several different tours available around the Whitsundays we’ve got you covered. From self-guided stand up paddleboard tours to multi-day camping kayaking trips you have plenty of options. You’ll be working muscles you didn’t even know you had all while taking in the beautiful Whitsundays from a unique perspective that not many people can claim to have seen. 


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