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Coral Beach

Coral Beach walking track

Getting to Coral Beach walking track

The Coral Beach walking track is a short drive from Airlie Beach (11kms) where the 20 minute walk starts. The beach consists of washed up coral and scattered sand parts. The walk to Coral Beach from the carpark is fairly easy and suitable for most age groups. I would suggest to wear closed shoes, but the track can be taken in thongs or sandals if you would prefer.

Be sure to remember that snakes and spiders are quite common in the area so be sure to remember that when choosing your footwear a long the way you will find permanent place cards of local Flora and Fauna that is found within the area.

Coral Beach Waterfall

10 minutes into the walk you will find yourself at the Coral Beach Waterfall. Although the waterfall is usually flowing, you will need to time this spectacle after a heavy downpour to see the waterfall in all it's glory. The waterfall is perfect vantage point for some photos and views over the islands and nearby mangroves.


When you make your way past the waterfall and closer towards the beach, you will find yourself moving through different rainforest environments and see different species of birds and insects flying within the canopies.


Be aware to take ample water, as there are no water facilities available at the beach. Toilets are also unavailable here

There are some nice "log seating" spread along the beach situated in the shade of Pandanus Tree.

The Beak Lookout

If you make it to the beach and would like to continue on with your walk, there is a nice lookout call The Beak, which is a great vantage point to gaze over the Islands such as Daydream Island and the channel and smaller islands at Shute Harbour

Overall the Coral Beach walking track is a great 40 minute return walk which you could turn into a half-day picnic if you wanted.

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