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Cannonvale Beach

Cannonvale Beach

Cannonvale Beach
Cannonvale beach is located 5.5kms west (by boardwalk access) from Airlie Beach central.

Being a northerly facing beach, Cannonvale Beach is a great vantage point to see the sunrise and sunset.

The beach is quite flat, so if you do have a dog there is plenty of space to let them run wild at low tide.


If you do feel like a swim, there is stinger nets up during stinger season, otherwise it's not advisable to swim as there has been crocodile and jellyfish sighted in the area.


There are public toilets located at the west end of the beach, which also have disabled facilities.

There is a cold outdoor shower which can be used to wash of the saltwater off if you do manage to head in for a swim.

BBQ facilities are also available free of charge, which are normally available, but normally get busy on Saturday and Sundays.

Water fountains and taps suitable for drinking are also located on the upper side near the BBQs.

If you are a traveller and working on the road, Cannonvale Beach is a great place to pull up and get some work done.

Ample outdoor power points to plug your devices into to charge.


There is 20 car spaces spread along beacons road  at the rear side of the beach. These parking spaces are rated at up to 1 hour of parking.


If you do get a chance to make it to Cannonvale Beach, make sure to stop in at the Fat Frog Cafe located across the road from Cannonvale Beach.

They do amazing breakfasts and coffee and are open till around 2pm most days of the week.

Other attractions found near Cannonvale Beach is a large, clean dog park and a skate park and basketball court which is free to use to the public